Rockwool is Wrong for Jefferson County

WHEREAS Rockwool will be one of the largest toxic polluters in West Virginia

INCLUDING cancer-causing chemicals, heavy metals, hazardous particulate matter, and ozone precursors;

WHEREAS Rockwool is located within 10,000 feet of four schools, with 30% of Jefferson County's student population;

WE THE PEOPLE strongly urge the Jefferson County Commission and Board of Education to each pass a resolution disapproving of Rockwool's location in the heart of Jefferson County.

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Dec 21st, 2018
Katia from Sterling, VA signed.
Dec 21st, 2018
Anne from Herndon, VA signed.
Dec 21st, 2018
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Dec 20th, 2018
KAI from Harpers Ferry, WV signed.
Dec 19th, 2018
Toni from Inwood, WV signed.
Dec 19th, 2018
Mary Jo from Saint Paul, MN signed.
Dec 18th, 2018
Timothy from Charles Town, WV signed.
Dec 18th, 2018
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Dec 18th, 2018
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Dec 18th, 2018
Rich from Martinsburg, WV signed.

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