Rockwool is Wrong for Jefferson County

WHEREAS Rockwool will be one of the largest toxic polluters in West Virginia

INCLUDING cancer-causing chemicals, heavy metals, hazardous particulate matter, and ozone precursors;

WHEREAS Rockwool is located within 10,000 feet of four schools, with 30% of Jefferson County's student population;

WE THE PEOPLE strongly urge the Jefferson County Commission and Board of Education to each pass a resolution disapproving of Rockwool's location in the heart of Jefferson County.

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1 hour ago
Maria from Shepherdstown, WV writes:
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I'm considering buying a home in WV, but not if Rockwool proceeds.

Clean air and clean water come first.

Please disapprove the Rockwool location.
2 hours ago
Natalie from Martinsburg, WV signed.
3 hours ago
Mer from Shepherdstown, WV signed.
7 hours ago
Elizabeth from Shepherdstown, WV writes:
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Along with serious threat to human health, this will devastate the economy and cause a housing collapse. It will poison our land, water, and air.
Jan 15th at 9:54 pm
Tom from Simpsonville, SC writes:
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Smog formation blanketing the Appalachian Trail views, the Washington, DC area. Toxic chemicals raining down into the soil and absorbed by VA winery grapevines.
Jan 15th at 5:03 pm
Kelly from Leesburg, VA signed.
1 day ago
Max from Charles Town, WV signed.
1 day ago
Karri from Charles Town, WV signed.
1 day ago
Sam from Shenandoah Junction, WV signed.
1 day ago
Richard from Harpers Ferry, WV signed.

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