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CTUB Fails to Provide Most Accurate Information on Rockwool Industrial Waste To Environmental Regulators

CTUB’s “phased” approach to permitting does not provide Rockwool’s current flow estimates to the West Virginia DEP.

IJDC FOIA Responses

More documents regarding the Rockwool industrial sewer line.

Jefferson County Parents Applaud School Decision to Oppose Rockwool PILOT Tax Deal

Comment from Jefferson County Vision, an organization fighting heavy industry by local schools.

New Rockwool Waterline Project is Unlawful, Must Immediately Stop Work

Jefferson County Vision files complaint with West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC).

Rockwool Partial Building Plans For Review

Obtained via Jefferson County Vision FOIA request from the WVa Fire Marshal.

KEY VOTE ACTION ALERT: Jefferson County Commission Jan. 17 Agenda #10

The County Commission again targets whistleblowers on the development authority.

Rockwool Abandons Government-Backed Waterline as "Operation Shuttle" Unravels

Rockwool is increasingly isolated with little public support.

West Virginia Community Cheers Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s Decision to Block the Potomac Pipeline

The planned pipeline would bring heavy industry next to schools in Jefferson County, WVa.

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