Charles Town Courthouse

Jefferson County Vision Litigation

Jefferson County Vision, the newly formed nonprofit watchdog group, is fighting to hold our local government and Rockwool accountable.

JCV has filed 5 lawsuits and a PSC legal action.

 Legal ActionFiledSummaryStatus
 JCDA WaterlineSept. 17, 2018The JCDA plans to act as a utility without complying with the West Virginia laws that govern utility operators. Learn moreResolved
 JCDA FOIAOct. 23, 2018The JCDA is stonewalling legitimate requests for information about the government’s ongoing, secretive work on behalf of Rockwool. Learn morePending
 JCC FOIAOct. 23, 2018The JCC would not release full whistle-blower emails about JCDA operations; the City of Ranson released them, resolving the litigation. Learn more
 PILOTNov. 2, 2018Unequal, unfair special tax breaks for Rockwool violate the West Virginia Constitution.  Learn moreWON 
 Ranson ZoningDec. 13, 2018The City of Ranson failed to provide adequate public notice, as required by statute, when it modified both its zoning ordinance and zoning map to permit heavy industrial uses at Jefferson Orchards.  Learn morePending
 PSC ComplaintJan. 22, 2019The new Rockwool water line project is not authorized by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and must cease.  Learn morePending