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Jefferson County, WV residents and parents are fighting to stop Rockwool.

Welcome and thanks for visiting.  There's an urgent issue facing our community.

The government is subsidizing Rockwool, a high-pollution, global-scale factory on an apple orchard by an elementary school in the middle of Jefferson County.   Located between Kearneysville and Shenandoah Junction, Rockwool will operate 24/7.  Its giant 21 story smokestacks will redefine the county‚Äôs skyline, and Rockwool's air pollution profoundly threatens our public schools. 

If built, Rockwool will mark the end of Jefferson County as a clean and safe residential and agricultural community.

We are fighting to make sure that does not happen.  This site is part of a broad, sustained, bipartisan grassroots effort to educate the public and lawmakers about the impact of Rockwool, and to stop the project.   

This web site is one of many efforts by the more than two five nine thousand members of the new Facebook group Citizens Concerned About Rockwool Ranson (CCARR).   

In August 2018, the "admins" of the Facebook group moved to form a non-profit organization called Jefferson County Vision to fight to protect our quality of life.  This is a community grassroots effort, but forming a legal entity allows us to raise funds and litigate wrongdoing. 

We're also creating an organization so we can be in this for the long haul.  There are forces in Charleston and in the Jefferson County Development Authority (JCDA) that want heavy industry in our community.  They've ruined other parts of the state with subsidized smokestacks and lax oversight, and are now targeting our agricultural green spaces.   We reject the Charleston smokestack approach to economic development, and are instead advancing a vision of a Jefferson County that continues to grow from our base of agriculture, tourism, good schools, and livable towns.  We want a Jefferson County business development strategy that seeks stronger ties with tech, government, and medicine and that takes advantage of our unique place in the DC metro region. Please support our all-volunteer effort with a donation.

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