How We Win

The fight over Rockwool's toxic pollution near our schools is just beginning.

Jefferson County residents and parents are fighting hard to protect our community from Rockwool and its toxic pollution.

Rockwool would have you believe this is a “done deal” and that you should just accept massive amounts of hazardous pollution by our schools.  

That’s wrong.  This facility isn't built and Jefferson County residents still control our own destiny.  There are multiple ways we can send Rockwool packing.  It just takes you getting involved, and getting your neighbors involved. Consider:

  • Rockwool does not have a West Virginia wastewater permit, they haven’t even applied for one yet. 
  • Rockwool needs taxpayers to fund a new industrial sewer line to Jefferson Orchard.  This line will connect to the Charles Town system and has not been approved or built.
    • UPDATE: Charles Town votes to delay the sewer bond's consideration to November!
  • Rockwool needs hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water, and that line isn't built yet
    • UPDATE: JCDA delays vote on water bond until after Oct. 16!
  • Rockwool will bring massive trucking, and they need taxpayers to fund new roads at Jefferson Orchard and elsewhere in the county.
  • Rockwool still needs City of Ranson building permits including a vertical one for its towering 21 story smokestacks to begin construction.  Ranson will not issue permits if there is no sewer or water connection.
  • Rockwool's natural gas pipeline is not permitted or built

Beyond the unfinished business, and more importantly: both the Jefferson County Commission and the Jefferson County Board of Education are party to the Rockwool agreement.  This deal doesn’t happen without their agreement, and they can change their mind.

If a simple majority of either the Jefferson County Commission or the Jefferson County School Board passes a resolution disapproving Rockwool’s location next to schools, this project will not be politically viable.

Simply put, Rockwool is not going to build its smokestacks here if our local governments state clear opposition.

That’s right, either the Jefferson County Commission or the School Board can end this at their next meeting, if they have the political courage and public support.

We know many of our local officials feel misled about Rockwool’s pollution impact.  Considering what we know today, how can any public official honestly tell North Jefferson Elementary parents and teachers that the school will be completely safe?  Disapproval of Rockwool now, before it is built, is the right thing to do for our schools and community.

We have expanded this strategy to ask all Jefferson County elected officials to state their opposition to Rockwool, both individually and by public resolution.  Our municipalities can also instruct their representatives on the JCDA Board to vote against government subsidies for Rockwool infrastructure.

Harpers Ferry UPDATE: Harpers Ferry Unanimously Opposes Rockwool!
Shepherdstown UPDATE: Shepherdstown Unanimously Opposes Rockwool!
Charles Town

So let’s get to work.  Tell our City and Town Councilors, our County Commissioners, and our School Board Members to please state their opposition, individually and as a group, to locating a high-pollution megafactory so close to our children’s schools.

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We are now a non-partisan, non-profit organization called Jefferson County Vision that is working to protect and improve the quality of life in our community.