Circuit Court: Rockwool PILOT tax breaks are "faulty"


Jefferson County Vision has just received the first of two long awaited rulings - the PILOT case. "The Court agrees with the plaintiff's contention that the PILOT is defective on its face: The only two essential parties to the PILOT are Rockwool and the JCDA. Absent the JCDA's assent evidenced by a vote of its board, the PILOT is not an enforceable agreement - it is merely a proposal". 

Essentially, the Judge claims he cannot determine constitutionality on something that DOES NOT TECHNICALLY EXIST.

JCV is pleased that the ruling was done without prejudice, and wishes to thank Judge Hammer for his careful review of the case. The ruling validates our claim that this PILOT agreement is inherently faulty, and emphasizes the fact that Rockwool is not guaranteed to receive the tax breaks that brought them here in the first place. 

JCV will be meeting with our attorneys today to discuss a path forward and will provide a more detailed update as soon as possible.