Rockwool Reaches New Low, Threatens West Virginia Community with $100 Million Lawsuit

Danish multinational company seeks to intimidate Jefferson County Commission with scare tactics.

Rockwool's legal counsel is threatening an absurd $100 million lawsuit against Jefferson County Commissioners who are simply seeking to understand legal options with respect to Rockwool’s multi-million dollar local tax breaks.  Additionally, Rockwool lawyers are insulting the thousands of Jefferson County residents who have raised concerns about toxic heavy industry by schools.  Rockwool’s counsel makes baseless accusations that residents are  "lacking foundation in either science or fact" and being "flat out wrong." 

Download the letter (.pdf)

"If anyone thought Rockwool would be a good neighbor, their most recent threat to file a $100 million lawsuit against the Jefferson County Commission for simply asking questions about options suggests otherwise," said JC Vision Board Member Amanda Foxx. "These are heavy-handed scare tactics, plain and simple. Rockwool wants to deny Jefferson County residents our political and legal rights, and intimidate our officials into giving them everything they want, including preferable tax treatment, subsidies, and special behind-closed-doors treatment.” 

JC Vision Board Member Amanda Foxx continued, "We remain extremely appreciative of the County Commissioners who have listened to our concerns and refuse to be intimidated by a global corporation intent on constructing 21-story smokestacks and running hundreds of heavy trucks by our school zones, as well as dumping epic amounts of toxic pollutants in our air.  Enough is enough. Rockwool's treatment of Jefferson County will only get worse if they are permitted to continue, not better. Good neighbors don't threaten $100 million lawsuits against each other, especially before their house is even permitted to be built. This is just another reason why Rockwool must go. The rigged process that permitted this facility was deeply flawed.  The Rockwool plant is a disaster for Jefferson County and must not go forward."