Charles Town Building Commission

The Building Commission is supposed to own the smokestack sewer line, finance it with a taxpayer bond, and lease it to CTUB.

Councilor Bob Trainor said this during the debate last night (March 18, 2019):

BOB TRAINOR: “But the Building Commission can decide yay or nay depending on…they don’t have to…if we, if we, let’s say it gets passed tonight. The Building Commission, they have the option to vote it down. They say look we don’t want to take on this $16 million dollar debt."

Four Reasons the CT Building Commission SHOULD NOT Be Deciding the SMOKESTACK SEWER BOND

1. The Commissioners are volunteer officials charged with a mission to manage Charles Town real estate NOT decide the future for the entire region.

2. Not one foot of this proposed industrial sewer line is in Charles Town but the associated debt and maintenance expenses will reside with its citizens.

3. The Building Commission should not borrow money and pledge Charles Town assets to fund another city's project. Why would any municipality willing take on another'd debit?

4. This sewer bond has nothing to do with the Building Commission or their established mission.

Charles Town Building Commissioners

Liz McDonald               

William Warren           

Mary Ellen Mahoney     

Albert Glascock            

Keith Veler