ALERT - Another Private Meeting Between Rockwool and OUR Elected Officials

Government Officials and Rockwool Staff at Hotel Meetup-- and Citizens NOT Invited

PRESS CONTACT: Megan Day Hartlove, 304-886-3874 Email:

AUGUST 9, 2018.  Here we go again!  The Spirit of Jefferson reported last night that the Jefferson County government just conducted ANOTHER closed-door meeting with Rockwool.  No public notice and no public participation.

Even worse, the “independent” regulators at the state Department of Environmental Protection were present, participating in behind-closed-doors talks with company officials and economic development authorities! 

Just. Stop. Already.

According to the Spirit of Jefferson , “Rockwool executives promised to provide answers “within the next few days” to the questions that local officials asked.” 

There’s only one question that Jefferson County wants answered: When is Rockwool leaving?

Make no mistake: Rockwool is in crisis mode. What we are doing is WORKING. They are scurrying to get their buddies to do their bidding and pushing out misinformation to confuse officials. They are attempting to tire us out with endless meetings and diversions, hoping we lose interest. 

Our message is simple: This project is an insiders’ deal to put a global-scale, toxic factory next to an elementary school.   Rockwool Ranson is completely unacceptable because of its pollution, its size, its traffic, its risk, its location.  It is wrong for Jefferson County.  It is time for Rockwool to go.