Charles Town City Council Backs Sewer Bond to Build Industrial Zone in Jefferson County

Government malpractice as Council moves ahead without legal counsel.

It's staggering to witness a board of elected officials ignore the overwhelming outcry against the plan to industrialize a school zone in Jefferson County.  We, the people who have come together to organize against this planning disaster, knew the system was rigged but never anticipated how deeply the deck is stacked against regular folks.  Tonight’s 5-3 vote was especially disappointing because of the obvious dishonesty in CTUB’s sewer line proposal, and because the Council majority ignored the Charles Town freeholder petition signed by over 1,000 property owners in opposition to the sewer bond.

We never fathomed our local officials would ignore the community they serve to hand millions worth of taxpayer-subsidized goodies to help a global corporation push hundreds of tons of pollutants into air and water. But thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers who have dug through reams of paperwork, attended countless meetings, and engaged in a multitude of efforts to uncover this deception, now we know.  And we will remember.

Our eyes are fully open to the challenges ahead. We recognize that fighting the big, moneyed interests intent on transforming Jefferson County into an industrial work site is an uphill battle. Yet we are steadfast in this cause. Let it be known to all our elected officials and representatives that we are in this for the long haul. We will continue to pursue all angles at all times to stop this monstrosity from being erected as well as anything else like it.  We are not going to let Ranson and Charleston bureaucrats ruin our home. 

An incredible coalition of people have come together to save Jefferson County and we remain united in this cause. In less than a year over 10,000 people have come together through Facebook to organize opposition to Rockwool and the plan to industrialize our community. Our four lawsuits and PSC action are advancing through the court systems. And yes, there are more elections ahead. Never again will any company come to Jefferson County to rig a secret deal to blow toxic smoke in our faces. Those kinds of neighbors will never, ever be welcome here.