Company Selected to Study Rockwool Health Hazards Bails After BoE Scrutiny

The Jefferson County Board of Education announced today that Gradient Corporation has withdrawn from the health study of the impact of Rockwool on nearby schools.

BoE stated: “During this due diligence process, the chair received information raising concerns regarding the neutrality and performance of Gradient.   Subsequently, the chair provided the information to Gradient and requested that they prepare a thorough written response/rebuttal in order to remain under consideration.   Gradient responded, informing the chair that they were not interested in making a rebuttal and instead withdrew from consideration.”

Thank you Board of Education for defending the integrity of the study and looking out for our school children and their educators.

We are also grateful for the research and presentation by Jefferson County resident Emma Huvos. 

We appreciate everyone’s efforts in providing the diligence our children deserve.