Did JCDA follow the law when it took the Rockwool water line project from Ranson?

Jefferson County Vision legal counsel sends letter to the JCDA.

November 20, 2018

Jefferson County Development Authority
c/o Nicolas H. Diehl, Executive Director
1948 Wiltshire Road, Suite No. 4
Kearneysville, WV 25430

 Re:    Rockwool Water Project

Dear Mr. Diehl:

    Please be advised that I represent Jefferson County Vision, Inc., a non-profit corporation formed by Jefferson County citizens for the purpose of maintaining the quality of life for all Jefferson County Residents and with  respect to that thereto also ensuring that county governing bodies follow applicable law in conducting business.  To the extent that the Jefferson County Development Authority ("JCDA") has general counsel as related to the issues herein, please forward this letter to your attorney.

    As you know, my client has closely followed the process as related to the Rockwool Water Project.  Just recently, we have reviewed extensive documentation provided by Ranson in response to several FOIA requests.  Based upon the information provided and reviewed, it has come to our attention that the JCDA may have not followed the statutory process, as set forth in W.Va. Code ยง5G-1-1, et seq. (2017) ( the "5G process"), in selecting Thrasher Engineering to perform the engineering and design work as related to the proposed waterline extension.  

    More specifically, it appears that Ranson initially followed the 5G process, and ultimately selected the Toole Design Group to perform the work.  However, in June, 2018, it appears that the JCDA abruptly assumed control of the project, and shortly thereafter bestowed the work upon Thrasher, without following the 5G process.

    This letter is written, prior to any litigation on this issue, in the hope that you can clarify the process that the JCDA used to select Thrasher.  To the extent necessary, please also consider this letter a FOIA request for any and all documentation as related to the selection of Thrasher and as related to the 5G process used by the JCDA.  

    I look forward to a prompt response.

 Very truly yours,

 Christopher P. Stroech, Esq.

cc:    City of Ranson

Jefferson County Vision, Inc.