Guidance for Tonight’s School Board Meeting (Monday August 13, 2018)

We're going to ask the Board of Education to take a stand against Rockwool.

Three of the five current School Board members agreed last fall to provide millions of dollars in local tax subsidies to Rockwool.*  

Today, however,  the School Board is trying have it both ways.  They want to be “Switzerland,” a neutral bystander in this debate.  But as a party to the deal with Rockwool, the majority of the School Board has already taken a position in support of Rockwool.

Tonight’s School Board meeting is our opportunity to ask them to reconsider and to put schools first.  Show up before 6:45 PM to sign-up to speak during the public comment period.  The location is 110 Mordington Ave, Charles Town, WV 25414.

The event is not a rally or protest and signs aren’t needed.  We are going to the school board as concerned parents and teachers and neighbors.  Our message is a request-- that the Board of Education members stand up for school safety in this debate.

Ask them to answer these questions: knowing what we do about the Rockwool’s size, intensity, traffic, and pollution, do you still support this site so close to our schools?  And: how is the School Board going to assure the community that this situation is truly safe?  Do you believe it is safe?

Our Board of Education members are elected to be our leaders on school issues.  They’ve taken the wrong position on Rockwool and they are part of the reason Jefferson County is in this mess.  It is time for them to begin leading the community forward.  Ask them individually, and as a group, to take a public position against the site location for Rockwool so close to our schools.   

*Arthena Roper was elected this May 2018 and did not vote on the Rockwool agreement, which was approved by the School Board on Sept. 25, 2017.  Kathy Skinner was not in attendance.