Jefferson County Schools at Risk

Rockwool's pollution harms children the most, and the site location is in the middle of our school growth zone.

Rockwool is situated to profoundly impact local schools

Although technically part of Ranson, the site is northeast of the Route 9/480 junction and as close to Shepherdstown as the center of Ranson.

Rockwool is directly across Route 9 from North Jefferson Elementary and within 2 miles of T.A. Lowery Elementary, Jefferson High School, and Wildwood Middle School, as well as two freestanding daycare centers.

These four schools comprise 2,744 students, or thirty percent of Jefferson County’s entire student enrollment.

There is no manufacturing facility anywhere in West Virginia producing this much hazardous air pollution situated this close to this many schoolchildren.

Rockwool wrecks the county’s school growth plans

Beyond the nearby schools, within a four mile radius of Rockwool are each of the county’s two major land purchases on Shepherdstown Pike and Old Leetown Pike, as well as Driswood Elementary.

By way of comparison, there are no schools within four miles of Rockwool’s Mississippi plant.