KEY VOTE ACTION ALERT: Jefferson County Commission Jan. 17 Agenda #10

The County Commission again targets whistleblowers on the development authority.

On Thursday, Jan. 17th, the Jefferson County Commission (JCC) is considering a measure that targets whistleblowers on the Jefferson County Development Authority (JCDA). The agenda item #10 would remove remaining JCDA board members and delay appointing new members. Jefferson County Vision opposes this action and urges the JCC to defeat it on Thursday.

First, this measure is unnecessary, as there are 39 applicants for just three open JCDA positions-- there are a wealth of suitable applicants ready to serve, and the JCC should move to fill the open seats.

More troubling, this agenda item appears to be another attempt at retribution against the courageous whistleblowers who remain on the JDCA. From start to finish, the Eric Lewis-led JCDA’s waterline project was highly irregular. The JCDA failed to register as a utility as required by law, the Rockwool MOU provided a no-bid contract to Jefferson Utilities, and the JCDA and the state intervened to seize valuable government contracts from Ranson. Most of the JCDA board members directly involved in these actions have already resigned.

We encourage everyone to contact the Jefferson County Commission and urge them to oppose removing remaining JCDA members.

Again, we urge a NO vote on Agenda Item #10.

Jefferson County Vision is recording Commissioners’ votes on Agenda Item #10, and will use this information as part of its voter education efforts in future elections.