Rockwool Abandons Government-Backed Waterline as "Operation Shuttle" Unravels

Rockwool is increasingly isolated with little public support.

CHARLES TOWN, WV. In the face of Jefferson County Vision (JCV) litigation against the Jefferson County Development Authority's (JCDA) unlawful waterline plan, Rockwool is abandoning a key part of their secretly negotiated "Operation Shuttle" deal. The foreign multinational company says it will no longer seek government financing for the waterline in their effort to build a giant insulation factory with toxic emissions next to Jefferson County schools. 

That's great news for West Virginia taxpayers, who won't have to bail out Jefferson Utilities for this ill-considered project when Rockwool leaves. In the meantime, Rockwool should pay for their own infrastructure and not try to push their costs on to taxpayers or Jefferson Utilities ratepayers. 

This development shows that Rockwool is increasingly isolated with little public support for their plan to build heavy industry in the heart of Jefferson County. No matter who pays for it, Rockwool is the wrong fit for our community.