Failing Jefferson County Development Authority (JCDA) Slams the Community, and We Respond

The JCDA must do far better than Rockwool and its smokestack strategy.

Today Jefferson County Development Authority (JCDA) Ex. Director Nic Diehl was quoted in the Spirit of Jefferson newspaper attacking Jefferson County residents for opposing the government-sponsored Rockwool insulation plant near local schools.

Diehl actually told the Spirit, “Rockwool is the kind of company we need in Jefferson County.”

No wonder the JCDA is failing in their mission. Smokestack bureaucrats like Nic Diehl love to subsidize heavy industry in school zones, which is why they keep their deals secret, work to limit public involvement, and operate outside the law. We oppose tax dollars for toxic companies and we are going to hold the JCDA accountable, both in court and at the ballot box.

When the JCDA’s flagship project, Rockwool, comes with health safety studies for our kids and pollution monitors by our schools, it is no surprise that our community is yelling FULL STOP.

Now, in the face of overwhelming opposition, the JCDA is digging in on Rockwool and trying to jam it through. 

Instead of attacking the community he is supposed to work for, Nic Diehl needs to change direction. The JCDA needs to operate transparently, raise its standards, and attract businesses that actually complement our economy. We must do far better than Rockwool.

Jefferson County is already growing with rising incomes and low unemployment. We are the gateway to West Virginia and can continue to have smart growth that reinforces our strengths in tourism, agriculture, government, education, and technology. We need a JCDA that understands what works in Jefferson County.