Unauthorized Rockwool Waterline Project Takes Vital Services Offline In Jefferson County

The Rockwool waterline project, which has not been properly approved by the Public Service Commission (PSC), has resulted in cutting a critical fiber optic line, reportedly impacting phone and internet services for nearby schools, medical providers, and neighborhoods.

Jefferson Utilities is attempting to escape responsibility by blaming others, but make no mistake the buck stops with Jefferson Utilities and Rockwool.  If it were not for Rockwool, Jefferson Utilities would not be rushing to dig without approval, and there would be no impact on Jefferson County.

Rockwool has already committed environmental violations that put our drinking water at risk, and now the careless waterline project they are funding is leaving seniors, students, remote workers, and parts of our healthcare system without phone and internet access.

The Public Service Commission and the Jefferson County Commission need to intervene and stop the Rockwool waterline project immediately.