Understanding Rockwool's Sponsorship Campaign

Dear Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Board of Directors:

When the working people of Jefferson County pay our taxes-- a basic civic duty-- we don’t get to put our name on a sponsorship banner. Our hard-earned tax dollars go towards paying for critical services, such as education for our children.

Rockwool on the other hand, refuses to pay those same taxes and is getting funding from the state to help construct 21-story industrial smokestacks, dumping toxic pollutants into our air and water. Instead, Rockwool wants to spend its money on splashy sponsorships to try to buy goodwill in the community-- goodwill that it hasn’t earned and doesn’t deserve.

We would much prefer Rockwool pay its taxes like every other Jefferson County resident instead of dividing the community with its endless PR stunt donations. 
Rockwool's actions speak louder than their dollars. Rockwool is also suing the Jefferson County Board of Education to block construction of a new educational center. Parks and Recreation should stand in solidarity with our schools and students and say NO to Rockwool at the Fourth.

We’ve had fireworks before Rockwool came to town. The Fourth of July should be a time for unity and celebration, not a platform for Rockwool and division. On behalf of the spirit of American independence, Jefferson County Vision strongly urges the Board to pass on Rockwool sponsorship of the Fourth of July.

Shaun Amos
Jefferson County Vision